Canopy walkway walkway: closed

National Park Centre NP-Centre: closed

National Park­Centre

The National Park Centre is usually your first point of contact when your visit the canopy walkway. Here you will find the ticket counter, information materials, great souvenirs and regional products as well as the two interactive adventure worlds.

Secrets of the Hainich

The adventure world "Discover the secrets of the Hainich" gives you a lot of interesting information about the Hainich National Park. Interactive presentations, film screenings and models playfully explain the cycles of nature and complex processes.

Learn more about...

  • the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Hainich National Park
  • the diversity of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • the wildcat which is resident in the Hainich
  • the biodiversity in the Hainich
  • the bird migration to and from the Hainich
  • the development of a forest within 500 years
  • bionics (application of natural phenomena in technology)
  • the nutrient transport of trees
  • Nature conservation and CO2 emissions

    and much more