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The Root Cave

Let yourself be taken into the underworld of the Hainich National Park in the interactive adventure world "Root Cave". Playfully you will learn more about life and processes under the earth.

Interactive adventure

Go on eye level with earthworm, mole and Co and walk through the Root Cave as a human being in mini format. Interactive touchable elements and models provide clear and child-friendly information about the habitat around and under the tree roots. Models for climbing and a play cave with a slide provide a lot of fun for the little ones.

Learn more about …

  • the shell limestone soil in Hainich, where the typical beech forest thrives
  • life in a handful of soils
  • the nutrient uptake of the trees via the roots
  • the communication of the trees with each other
  • the creatures of the underworld
  • recycling in the soil
  • the living beings between the upper world and the underworld